Pulse duration characterization

To characterize the temporal duration of the HHG pulses, a laser assisted photoemission experiment (LAPE) was set up, in collaboration with the Uppsala University. Sidebands on Kr 4p were measured, allowing us to determine the HHG pulse duration to 35 fs.


ULLA (ULtrafast Laser Assisted photoemission) experimental chamber. ULLA is equipped with a SES 200 Scienta hemispherical electron energy spectrometer.


Sidebands spectrum, cross correlating HH15 (23.1 eV) and the fundamental of the Ti:SA laser, at 1.55 eV

Demagnetization experiment

This experiment was a “proof of principle” to check the performances of the system.
The experimental chamber, IRMA (Instrument for MAgnetic Reflectivity), comes from a collaboration with Sincrotrone Trieste, LURE/SOLEIL (Paris, France).
The ultrafast demagnetisation of a sample of permalloy (Ni80Fe20) was measured in T-MOKE configuration, with elemental sensitivity, using two different HH at respectively Ni M2,3 (HH43, 66 eV) absorption edge and at Fe M2,3 (HH35, 53 eV) absorption edge.


The spectrum refers to Fe absorption edge.